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What You Need to Know About Asbestos Air Monitoring Services

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Have you ever been to a construction site? If you have or work in one yourself, you must have seen the horrifying scene – invisible darkness lurks in the air. Dust particles, asbestos particles, cement particles, and whatnot are present in the air around. You should not ignore them just because they are tiny and you don’t feel the need to think about them. Every time one breathes in this air, these tiny fibre particles enter your body and stay within. Slowly, these particles dig deeper and deeper, finally entering into the tissues of the lungs. Breathing in such polluted air for a prolonged period will keep dragging the person to the death door. So, whether it is you or your employees, you need to make sure that the air everyone breathes in is fresh and pure. Otherwise, these particles will kill you if they remain unnoticed within you.

However, if you are unsure about how to make the air around pure to lessen the adverse effect, this article is for you. In this article, we will discuss asbestos and why you need asbestos air testing/monitoring services. So, let’s get started!

What is Asbestos and Where Does It Come From?

Asbestos is a fibrous silicate mineral that is used in different material building industries. It is most commonly used in ceiling tiles, floor tiles, insulation, cement siding, and many other building materials. Though the use of asbestos is banned in many places, it is still legally used in many countries.

Asbestos is generally harmless as long as it remains within the materials it is used in. However, when these materials fall apart due to age or because of renovation or demolition, asbestos gets into the air that people breathe in and causes serious health damages to them. Thus, it becomes a matter of concern because of using asbestos as a raw material.

As mentioned above, the tiny asbestos fibres get in people’s lungs as they breathe in the air full of asbestos. These particles remain there for a prolonged period and cause severe health diseases like fibrotic lung disease. It can even cause more drastic diseases like lung cancer and mesothelioma, which kill thousands of people annually. In short, asbestos can be dangerous if inhaled. Therefore, areas that get more exposure to asbestos need to conduct asbestos air testing to keep the level of asbestos in the air in check. In other words, you can check the purity of the air in your home, office, or work-site with asbestos air testing.

What is Asbestos Air Monitoring?

Asbestos air testing or monitoring is the testing process to assess respirable fibres and the effectiveness of asbestos removal control measures. In other words, it is a testing process that can ensure that you and your employees remain safe from the deadly silent killer. In this testing process, the sample is collected considering all mitigating factors and health factors to ensure accurate results. After that, this sample is taken to the laboratory to test for respirable fibre monitoring and asbestos identification.

Who Should Get the Asbestos Air Monitoring Service?

Anyone can get this service. Whether it is your home, office, or work-site, you can get the air tested whenever you want. You can easily get the service from a nearby service provider in Australia. After all, you need an independent licensed asbestos assessor to implement a suitable sampling strategy for the testing. However, the air monitoring assessors can work differently for commercial and domestic areas. For commercial areas, you need to look for an assessor to determine the asbestos air testing. For domestic areas, you will be responsible for hiring a specialist for air testing. However, it is best to go for high-quality services offered by professionals. Experienced assessors are competent in creating appropriate sampling strategies and then collecting the samples. This is essential for drawing accurate monitoring of the air.

Wrapping Up

We have tried our best to help you understand the need for asbestos air testing/monitoring service in this article. We tried to highlight what this testing service is and why you need it. ​Now, it is up to you what you want to do. Whether you want yourself and your employees to work in a clean environment, or get exposed to fatal diseases, it is your call now.

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