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Top 6 Different Ways to Restyle and Pristine Focus on Your Old Saree!

by supremeauthor

Each season has its own new crop of trends, so if you consider yourself a fashionista, you have to remain constantly on your toes. Indian fashions have been showcasing exotic combinations, fresh takes on vintage designs, while social networks are flooded with countless variations on bridal lehengas, sarees, Kurtis, and some other garments. Despite the fact that experts set designs, millions of women all over the nation pick that fashions will endure.

This just serves as another evidence of how critical that we keep and use everything, especially our old sari, through an era where women’s clothing has had a tremendous negative influence on the climate. Given how often women like and constantly fantasize about donning our mothers’ and grandmothers’ traditional sarees, it’s time we pulled them out of the closet and gave them a contemporary makeover!

No one really prefers to throw out a saree, regardless of how old it is. While some sarees represent antique patterns which may be desired to maintain and bring back fond recollections for those who wear it, some sarees represent a legacy that ought to be carried down through the generations. Consider getting unique apparel instead if you’re thinking what to do with old sarees because it would take less effort and time. For the simple reason that there are so many things you can construct with repurposed sarees that would be impossible with brand new garments. It is affordable and environmentally friendly. You may create cozy apparel which suits persons of all types by creating your customized clothes. Consumers could discover that hiring a designer to sew is advantageous for their startup firm.

Assuming you’re believing you’re stalling out and are contemplating how to give your old Sarees the ideal new look, stress not on the grounds that we have you covered!

Here are the top 6 ways to update your old saree’s appearance!

1. Convert your saree into a frock, then spin around!

Right now, not only in India but also all around the globe, outfits created of Kanjeevaram cotton or other types of custom silk, including such banarasi or chanderi , are immensely fashionable. Then just go forward and create a sari costume out of all the old sarees you were going to throw away. A cocktail dress, a formal dress, a maxi dress, or a skater dress can be made from these sarees. Here is an exquisite collection of saree outfits to get you motivated. Why then are you expecting? Use your creativity to the fullest!

2. Convert your previous saris into skirts

Select your desired saree design as well as the style of your skirt (midi, mini, straight, maxi, pencil or flared). Wear it with a crisp shirt for a fusion look, a kurta for a boho-chic appearance,  or an Indian ethnic outfit for a special vente. Even better, you may create a celebratory lehenga for yourself out of your beloved saree and dance the night away. The options are unlimited, so let your imagination go wild!

3. Old saris can be transformed into new ones.

The fact is that there are techniques for making used sarees look like they were just purchased. If the saree’s damaged edge is the reason you haven’t worn it for a while, fix it by ripping out the old border and sewing in a new one made of zardosi or kundan, or another type of adornment.  Additionally, you may use two sarees that are broken and sew them together so that they have a nice appearance. You recently acquired a brand new saree.

4. Palazzos and pants may be intriguing

A lovely set of traditional trousers, known as palazzo, can be made by you in addition to making a skirt out of a saree. Luxurious sarees with zari borders may make wonderful palazzo pants. Add a pretty shirt and a chunni  to complete the look. You now have a fantastic dress for any formal event.

5. Create an eye-catching scarf or dupatta.

You cannot overlook the elegance of a striking scarf with a simple tunic set. It immediately enhances the overall aesthetic. It can be used as a stylish scarf or, for a more fashionable look, as a blouse on chilly occasions. A stunning scarf can be worn in a myriad of manner. You can combine and match it to produce a variety of outfits! Lighter sarees can be transformed into lovely scarves, while silk can be fashioned into stunning dupattas.

6. Cut it into the top of your child.

Making a gorgeous traditional dress for young toddlers out of an old saree has spiritual worth in addition to recyclable value. In contrast to the remainder of society, which tends to shower their children with costly apparel, you have the opportunity to instill in them a value for efficiency and effectiveness over the accumulation of possessions. Among the numerous benefits of this choice is the opportunity to engage in a productive expression along with your kids even while teaching kids the value of reuse.

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