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Necessary Things To Know Before Traveling To India

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Booking tickets for direct flights to India from the USA? India is an incredible country equipped with a rich culture and unique traditions. The second most populous country in the world, India, is the natural wonder. Every year tens of thousands of people visit India to have a taste of its deep spirituality. 

Planning a trip to India? Booking non stop flights from USA to India? Well, booking air tickets is an essential part to visit this country. There are many other necessary things to know before traveling to India. Wondering what are these? Read this article, to know the top 12 necessary things to know before traveling to India.

Let’s know the top 12 things to know before traveling to India

Visit a limited list of places

India is a vast country, covering the seventh largest area in the world. Thus, trying to visit the entire country on one trip is impossible and tiring. So, include only a few stops on your traveling itinerary list and make sure that you spend ample time at each stop. 

Thus, you will get enough time to rest and rejuvenate in your way while filling your memory chest with the fondest memories. 

Don’t expect to fit in

The cultural and regional diversities of India make it impossible for someone else to fit in. So don’t try to become one of the crowd. Also, if it’s your first-time visiting India, be prepared for a cultural shock. India has a unique culture. And during your visit to India, you will find yourself in a completely different world.

Pack Diarrhea/ charcoal tablets

The most common problem that foreign travelers face during their trip to India is “Delhi-belly”. No matter how hard you try to stay away from bacteria and fungi in the country. Some will find their way of entering your body.

Thus, always pack diarrhea or charcoal tablets along with you. The charcoal tablets absorb the bacteria present in your bladder and provide instant relief.

Include villages in your traveling itinerary list

The true India resides in the villages of the country. Although visiting the big cities like Bangluru and Mumbai is also a splendid adventure. But nothing can compare to the joy of visiting the rural parts of the country. 

Here you will find a slow pace in life. The people are super welcoming and many will invite you to their homes. As the people of rural India believe in the quote “Atithi Devo Bhava”, Guest is alike God. Also, you will taste traditional Indian dishes. The air and water of rural areas are fresh and free of poisonous bacteria.

Dress accordingly

Although India is coming out as a modernized country, many parts of the country are still conservative. So, if you are planning to wear shorts and a crop-top during your visit to the country, you must re-think your options. Go with the tops with long sleeves and skirts with ankle lengths. 

Choose comfortable footwear

India is a country that resides in congested streets where a four-wheeler cannot enter. Also, the traffic of the country will force you to walk long distances. Thus, it is important to pack durable and comfortable footwear for you.

Yes, the bold red heels seem nice but they will not help you with anything except getting sore feet. 

Use footwear that is easy to wear 

Do you know that you need to remove your footwear in India every time you visit a religious place? Yes, it is a fact and you have to remove your shoes before entering a temple. If you are visiting India to discover its spiritual roots. Or, visiting different temples is a part of your travel itinerary.

Then make sure that the footwear you choose is easy to wear. As you will wear them again multiple times a day.

Keep a map along with you

Don’t stay entirely dependent upon google maps and other navigation applications while your visit to India. Many areas in the country still have a lower level of connectivity. And you may find it hard to take help from these applications in such parts. 

Keeping a map handy with you will help you greatly during times of need. And you will be capable of avoiding the situations of getting lost in this vast country.

Considering being vegetarian for a trip

A large part of India’s population is vegetarian and thus vegetarian food is available throughout the country. Also, vegetarian food in India is healthier than non-vegetarian options. Most of the vegetables and fruits used in preparing the food are fresh and bacteria-free. 

Thus, most travelers choose to be vegetarian on their trip to India. As it also saves them from stomach infections caused by raw or badly prepared meat.

Be aware of scammers

Many scams happen against tourists in India. And by realizing these scams you can prevent the same to happen to you. Like in many religious places, people will ask you for money for religious offerings. But remember that in India no priest forces anyone to pay for religious offerings. And you are free to choose whether you want to make an offering. 

Don’t expect things to happen at the scheduled time

In India, if a train is supposed to reach a station at 5:30 a.m. then it is very common if it reaches at 6:00 a.m. instead of 5:30 a.m. And in this case, you must consider yourself lucky because most of the times trains and buses can be hours late from the designated time.

The same goes for taking a cab or taxi. Whenever you ask an Auto driver about the time that he will take to make you reach a specific destination. He will always answer you, “within 5 minutes”. And these 5 minutes are never 5 minutes in the real world. 

Avoid hugging and kissing in public places

As we stated earlier, India is still a conservative country. And if you don’t want people to give you a weird stare, then avoid kissing and hugging in public areas. These types of public displays of love are still considered inappropriate in many parts of the country.

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