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The Importance of Team Building Activities in Your Organization

by supremeauthor

Working in teams is a great strategy to bring out the best results when it is about job satisfaction and organizational success. However, not every time, working in teams will feel satisfying. It can be wrong to simply build a team of a group of people and expect great teamwork to happen on its own.

To build up a good team, you need to make sure that they put in effort and consideration and follow a thoughtful process to bring the best out of the team. As an employer or a team leader, it is your job to make sure that everyone puts in the effort and consider others’ points of view as well. More specifically, you have to make sure that every member is comfortable being in the group and building friendly relationships with others. This can be done by making them attend a team building workshop.

However, if you don’t know about team building activities and team building workshops, you are at the right place. In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about good team building. So, let’s get started!

What is team building?

Team building refers to an activity or process that is designed to help build connections between team members, create long-lasting bonds, and enable better teamwork and working practices. In this process, some activities are done like running team games, holding group discussions, or simply doing things together as a team.

What is the main purpose of team building?

Well, the main purpose of team building is to improve communication, collaboration, alignment, team values, motivation, and whatever is needed to help the teamwork together efficiently and effectively. Other than some fun activities, it might include sharing skills, sharing personal experiences, or resolving conflicts. This will help the team members to become friends and trust one another. Also, it will give the team members a chance to get comfortable and get rid of the feeling of anxiety while sitting between not-so-familiar faces. In short, the team building efforts will bring the team members close and then finally move towards your shared goals as a group.

What are team building activities?

Team building activities are fun activities, games, or exercises that can help the team members to collaborate on a shared goal, discuss important problems constructively, share a fun experience, or find better ways of working together. As a team leader or an employer, you can conduct these activities in different shapes and sizes. Also, you can plan some of these activities that won’t occupy a large part of your meetings. In other words, you can organize small activities to initiate deeper conversation and build up connections during your team building workshops. Moreover, we have listed some activities below for your reference. You can think of including some of the following activities in your team building workshop.

  • Campfire Stories: An activity to improve team bonding as they gather in a circle and share their workplace experiences. 
  • Code of Conduct: An activity that can set the tone for an event and build consensus on shared values.
  • Back of the Napkin: An activity that includes solving problems together creatively.
  • Happiness Exercise: An activity to encourage the sharing of positive stories and experiences with the other team members.
  • Letter from the Future: An activity that invites everyone to imagine all the changes that might impact them in the next 5 years and write a letter with that imagination.

The Bottom Line

Attending a good team building workshop with trust-building activities can enhance teamwork and build stronger relationships. Whether you are building the team just for a month or a year, adding some team building activities to your meetings will be really beneficial. Plus, you will be able to build up good and productive teamwork. So, you should think of including team building activities in your meetings and get the most positive results from your room.

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