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Plastic Cards: Everything you need to know

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What is a Plastic Card with Barcode?

Plastic cards come in three different options: Solid White, Clear and Frosted. Most of them are 20pt, which means Plastic Card with Barcode is slightly thinner when compared to credit card. They contain a stiff PVC film having a matte surface and 100% plastic. Plastic Card Manufacturing industries ensure that the cards are tear-proof as well as water-resistant.

The Clear Plastic Cards are 100% transparent. Plastic Card Manufacturing Industries cover them up with a thin protective film that needs to be removed before handing them out to someone. This prevents the ink from scratching off before they are being put to use. Yes, barcodes can be printed on Clear Plastic Cards but that is something that is usually not recommended. This is because you can see objects through the card which sometimes makes the barcodes difficult to scan

The Frosted Plastic Cards feature an idiosyncratic, slightly textured, and cloudy look. They are semi-transparent. If you have lighter colors or photos to display on Plastic Cards, this is a great option for you. Softer objects may appear more visible since they are not 100% transparent.

Plastic Card Manufacturing industries always keep the design simple while designing clear and frosted cards. They make use of bold blocks of color with a huge contrast between the printed objects and the plastic material. A Plastic Card with Barcode is often seen with larger texts. After all, simple, clean designs always lead to better results.

With the White Plastic Cards, you can print on both sides. Being 100% opaque, they print well with photos, texts as well as barcodes. Thus, most of the Plastic Card with Barcode are White Plastic Cards. But, you should always keep in mind that highly saturated cards are highly susceptible to scratches.

Why print on Plastic Card with Barcode?

A great way to showcase the distinctiveness of your brand or business is Plastic Cards. They are not the same as paper cards and offer a quirky feel and look. Moreover, Plastic Card with Barcode are extremely durable and can well tolerate the everyday bruises and bumps.

Plastic Cards offer you a wonderful opportunity to emphasize your brand. Just, for instance, a Clear Plastic Card may be used by a dentist who can put an X-ray on the card. Clear Plastic Card may also be used by a window or blind company to give customers a clear picture of what they sell. On the other hand, Plastic Card Manufacturing Industries manufacture White Plastic Cards specifically for finance companies which gives a feeling of protected credit. Even there are instances, where a brand can take benefit of this Plastic Card and thus drive home the message of who they are.

Different Sizes available for Plastic Card with Barcode:

 Plastic Card with Barcode is available in 5 different sizes.

  • 2”x 3.5”
  • 2”x8”
  • 2.12” x 3.375”
  • 2.5”x 2.5”
  • 4.25”x 6”

Recommended Uses:

Besides Business Cards, Plastic Card with Barcode can be used as reward cards, ID Cards, VIP Cards, bookmarks, and even announcement cards.

Is it possible to write on Plastic Cards?

You cannot write on Plastic Card with Barcode with the normal pens and pencils. But, you can make use of paint pens or sharpies which will hold up if you allow them to dry for a few seconds.


Owing to the nature of this Plastic Card with Barcode, they cannot be folded.


When you place an order of any of the above three mentioned Plastic Cards options, you have the option to choose from either ¼ or 1/b rounded corners. If you want square cards or only two rounded corners, this can also be easily achieved with Plastic Card with Barcode.

Plastic Card Manufacturing Industries can also add drill holes to the White and Frosted Plastic Cards as a custom order. But, you cannot get the benefit of drill holes on the clear plastic cards as it can cause visible damage to the stock.

Turnaround Times:

Plastic Card Manufacturing Industries normally takes 2-4 business days to produce a Plastic Card with Barcode.

Why choose Plastic Card with Barcode?

The durability and distinctiveness of Plastic Business Cards can benefit each and every type of business. There are several reasons for their popularity.

  • Durability: There is no risk of tearing.
  • Eccentricity: A genuine marketing piece that will leave a long-lasting impression on potential clients.
  • Thickness: Normal Plastic Cards are 16PT, but a Plastic Card with Barcode is 20PT thick.

These are exceptional marketing materials that most customers hang into for future use. Just like standard business cards, Plastic Card with Barcode can be used as VIP Cards, Push Cards, Reward Cards, and so much more. Not only their durability speaks out, but they also allow your design to pop.

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