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7 Free Call Recording Software for Your Company

by supremeauthor

Have you ever thought of listening to your previous conversation and finding out your mistakes? 

Or maybe you’ve thought, “I think the conversation would be better if I had said this instead of this.”

All this is possible when you can record your calls and listen afterward to avoid repeating the mistakes. 

With the help of free call recording software, you can record conversations while you’re conducting interviews, planning an event for an important client, or discussing different projects. 

Amazing Call Recording Software’s: 

Online meetings and calls are now part of the modern cooperative system. It is because of the rise in remote work culture. 

Call recording software is essential for managing business calls. It also allows you to store, retrieve, and evaluate recorded calls based on your business requirements.

There are numerous call recording apps available to meet your criteria and help you in keeping a track record of your calls. 

Here are the names of free call recording software: 

1- Boldbeast:

Boldbeast call recorder is a call recording app with all the features you’ll ever need to record and manage calls on an Android device.

Apart from being a fantastic call recorder, BoldBeast’s most outstanding achievement is its wide compatibility with almost all Android handsets. It enables Android phone users to record calls both manually and automatically.

2: Rev:

Many video animation services and software companies recommend this software. It performs call recording functions with high-quality results at no cost to its users. You can record all of your incoming and outgoing calls with a single tap.

Furthermore, the built-in transcription service makes it an ideal tool for professionals who need to save text versions of their recorded audio.

3: Call Recorder-ACR: 

ACR’s Call Recorder is a free tool with a high level of functionality. It allows you to record calls both automatically and manually. It also assists you in intelligently sorting your recorded files without requiring any effort from you.

Also, calls can be recorded in a variety of high-quality audio formats, including MP3, M4A, and many others. Your recordings can be easily transferred from one device to another via email or applications such as Skype or Whatsapp.

4- Black box: 

The black box automatically records your incoming and outgoing calls. Also, it integrates with Google Drive to back up your recorded files online and assists you in organizing your recordings. 

One of the best free call recording software that can restore the data easily and sort out other information. It also blocks the authorized access permission for privacy protection.

5- Cube: 

Cube is without a doubt the best option for Android devices, as it is specifically designed for the. It can record regular phone calls and video calls made from your phone via apps such as Skype and Slack.

However, you can delete old recordings to free up space. It also provides cloud backups for all of your recordings.

6- Callnote: 

It is a video call recording software that can separately record both sound and video. Also, it allows recording conversations on Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Viber, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger. 

Callnote provides a comprehensive set of editing tools to highlight your content with graphics, insert titles and comments anywhere in the video, and more.

7- Automatic Call Recorder:

Auto Call Recorder is yet another simple-to-use free call recording software available on Android. Other than this, the tool also allows you to save your recorded files automatically on a cloud drive, sort them by time, title, and date, and save audio files like mp3 to an SD card whenever you need them. 


One thing which is very crucial to remember is before recording any conversation. You must be aware of all the laws. If you fail to fulfill those, you will face the consequences.

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