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Laser Hair Removal Made Easy!!!

by supremeauthor

You can get silky buttery smooth skin, no not in dreams but in reality. Yes!!!  You heard it right. Laser treatment for skin has made it possible to say goodbye to your ingrown hairs and pigmentation. We can understand how tempting it is for you. You want to book your slot right now and get rid of those annoying parts.

 Hold on !!!

It may cause you some serious skin issues if you don’t choose the right professionals.  Though there is plenty of dermatologist on West Island, but make an effort to double-check their qualification and experience.

Before you jump for this advanced treatment, take a cup of coffee and read this blog till the end to know few facts about laser treatments!!!

Facts about Laser Treatments

Laser pinches you –

The laser will not bite you rather pinches you a bit.  So be calm!  It is not a completely pain-free method but when the light reaches the follicles and damages its part, it may feel like a tingling effect.  In advanced methods, professionals use a cooling effect along with the treatment that keeps the heat subsidized. So nothing to be afraid about pain.

Laser needs Patience

Though this miraculous technique is capable to wipe out your body hair and skin issue, you need to show some patience. Normally the result starts showing after8 12 weeks. Don’t think your first sitting will be your last sitting.

Prep the area

Dermatologist in west island recommends prep the area properly to get the best result. You should not wax or tweak the area after or before treatment. Don’t use skincare products lotions, sun protection cream, tanning cream before the treatment. Follow the guidelines to get the best result from laser treatment.

It works fast

Your face can glow like porcelain within 20 minutes. So it is perfect for busy women like you.

Ditch the gym for a while

Looking for some excuses to ditch daily workouts? Dial a dermatologist!!!! Jokes apart.

You should indeed stay away from the gym for a while after taking this treatment. Because laser produces heat in your body so don’t take a steam bath or gym for a while.

Play hide and seek with Sun

If you are a sunbathing lover then contact your dermatologist before taking the treatment. They may draw a line on your sun exposure. If you have a tan, still you can’t proceed with that treatment. Wait until it fades.

 Reset your skincare regime

Any kind of scrub, a lotion is now a big no-no. Ask your treatment providers what kind of skincare product you should use after it. Things like chemical peels, glycolic acid should be avoided.

 Don’t do Wax, bleach

 Stay away from waxing and bleaching as they cause obstacles in the treatment. You can use your razor to stay hairless.

The laser can do wonder to your skin

 Laser treatment offers you something more than just shredding your body hair. Apart from hair-free skin it lightens your pigmentation and encourages hair to grow straight.  So they do not irritate the skin.

Check your session

Depending on the depth of treatment and the area you want to work on, the frequency of the sitting can differ. Discuss your requirement and talk to the professionals to know exactly how many you may need to stay hairless.

Wrapping up

Laser treatment uses laser rays to burn out the hair follicle and prevent its growth. In the modern era, women are more trend to do this advanced treatment rather than monthly waxing. The best part is that after a few sessions, you get completely hairless kin for life. How amazing it is right?

As the treatment needs a certain level of knowledge and practice. go to a genuine skin clinic and share your problem.  There are few things you need to know before opting for it, like – precautions, recovery time, skincare products, and all.  We hope this blog has provided you the complete knowledge of it. Stay happy stay hairless!

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