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Everything you should know about water testing

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Water Testing is a broad variety of processes that are used for analyzing water quality. Water testing is done to meet the requirements related to regulations and to adhere to the safety procedure to clean the water and to make it pollutant-free water. Testing of water involves several procedures to analyze and determine the quality of water.

The individuals who are affected by the industry must examine the water sources and it is a highly important factor.  Water Testing is further performed by governmental organizations to protect the water from pollutants and make it risk-free by removing the chlorinated water from it. It is the homeowners who can decide that the water is further suitable for consumption.

No matter for what purpose you are using the water, including agriculture, domestic purpose, business purpose, or public municipalities, and homeowners, further should be tested regularly to ensure that it is health risk-free.

How does water testing work?

With the modernization and advancement in world chemistry, a person can detect thousands of harmful chemicals from the water that can be highly dangerous for a person. The Water Testing is further done at an extremely small concentration but involves a wide variety of processes. In today’s world, water testing is done with a huge variety that can make you overwhelmed.

The water testing is conducted in the following ways. The below-listed ways can help you understand the working process of testing water.

  • The testing of water is done with the help of strips. The strips can change the color to show the presence of chemicals in the water.
  • The color disk kit has the capability to test a wide range of chemicals.
  • The water testing performs a hand-held digital meter test which is also portable and can be used in several places to test the water.
  • Laboratory testing option is also performed in the testing of water to get an assured result. This is a simple process where the water is tested in the laboratory to get the best results.

What are the types of water testing?

Water Testing is performed to ensure the presence of several types of germs in a water body. The following are the basic type of testing performed by the agencies or organizations:

  • Bacteria test

This test is performed to understand the presence of bacteria’s in the water. It also describes the ratio of varieties of bacteria present in the water.

  • Mineral test

The mineral test is done t understand the number of minerals present in a water body. The common types of minerals include Chlorine, chloride, nitrate, lead, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, and sodium.

  • pH value test

pH is the value of the amount of hydrogen present in the water. Too much presence of hydrogen can further make the water acidic. It is important to perform a pH value test before using the water.

  • Other types of tests

There are other types of test which can determine the amount of harmful chemical in the water. This can include chemical testing, sedimentation, turbidity, and so on.

What is the importance of water testing?

Water Testing is highly important and can provide loads of benefits to individuals. Good quality water consumption can make your body fit from outside and inside as well. Bad quality water further results in several healths hazardous that a person doesn’t want to meet. Good quality water can also important for the economic and social well-being of individuals. Therefore checking the quality of the water on a regular basis is important and can further assure a risk-free life.


There are several organizations that can help you with performing water testing. Moreover, make sure that you check everything about the organizations. If you are not sure whom to contact then you can opt for https://www.sers.net.au/ and can further avail the best service.

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