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‘Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English- but are great in remembering signs’- Karl Lagerfeld

by supremeauthor

Knowing the magnitude of success he earned through his designs and creative power in the world of fashion, he is right. No questions asked. Logos are perhaps one of the vital elements to bring life to your business, a very critical element for brand and marketing success. Before we expound further let’s get a better grip of the purpose that logos serve for any brand or business. Have you ever seen a brand without a logo? No. because there are none. Just how humans are identified by their face, the brands are identified by their logos. They are the face of your brand in a market that already has a plethora of brands and logos. Call them a logo, emblem, symbol, or mark they all work to create the brand identity and anchor of availability to your audience. Ever been to the market and got overwhelmed by the ocean of brands? But seeing that one familiar symbol or logo gives instant relief. That is the magic of logos. It pulls the customer towards your brand. A logo is basically a tool to differentiate your brand, products, and services from that of a competitor. Although it seems a simple and menial thing to design; but it holds immense power to condition an audience to trust you immediately. Even if your products or service is of high quality without the brand identity and trust of consumers your efforts to make good products will go in vain. A log is a one-time investment that is timeless. Think of the oldest logos that are iconic in their category? Your grandparents, your parents, you and now your kids will enjoy this. Twinings tea.it dates back to 1787 and ever since then it has become generations’ favorite. Another example is Shell Oil. We have all seen them, used them, and recognized them from a single mark of identification that is; the logo. It is critical to get the right logo with the right combination of shapes, colors, fonts, and style that is a fair representation of your brand. It is basically the first manifestation of your brand so it is critical to commit to it. Many Logo Design Agencies offer beginning-to-end processes from research to final design for businesses. Getting professional input for such a vital aspect of the business is the only appropriate step if you want your business to grow. The general consensus is that the logo must be simple, scalable, unique, and eye-catching. But there’s more to it. Let’s expound on the qualities of a logo.

1.  A great logo can be created off by memory

Think of the logos that you can draw by hand just off memory? How about Mcdonald’s, Pepsi, Apple, Nike, Target, Olympics logo, Audi, the list is endless. Why? Because these are top-tier companies with simple logos, great brand identity, and easily recognizable even by those who are not their target market. One great aspect of a great logo is that it is memorable.

2.   A logo must be structurally adequate

An essential job of a logo is to attract human attention and generate positive feelings. As humans, we are attracted to languages and symbols that are aligned, organized, and symmetrical if anything else it creates negative feelings. Most big companies have the most simple logos that are both structurally sound and unique. The conceptualization of logos that should be both unique and rich in structure sounds intimidating but for that, you need to understand the core of your brand and the consumer perception. Think of Nike swoosh, McDonald’s arches, Chanel interlocking C’s. These are minimalistic designed logos with the greatest brand recall.

3.    The founder must be fond of it

Consider the brand a baby of its founder. Now, who wouldn’t want the best for it? The best name and the best reputation. Since logos are the first thing after brand ideation it holds immense value to the founders. It marks the official beginning of their business. The founders are emotionally attached to their brand and it might hinder the creative process of the designer because of contradicting aesthetic sense. The onus here is both on the designer and the founders to agree on the middle ground that works best for the brand.

 4.    The logo must be worthy of attention

The logo must be an amalgamation of simplicity and ambiguity. Some want the logo to be representative of the brand; it literally, shows the product or service offered by the business and for some, it must be significant and symbolic. Either the designer should have a sound knowledge of the industry and ensure the logo is interesting enough for the audience to stop and look at it.

There are no golden rules or a set of guidelines but to start on the right foot it is important to understand the qualities the logo should have. An ad hoc designed logo will do more damage than good. Logos that are creative, unique, and remarkable are inherently good for business.

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